Christians Having Sex in Silence
by Paul David Young

Christians Having Sex in Silence was presented as an Equity Showcase at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row, New York, in July 2010, as a semifinalist in the annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival. Directed by Diana Basmajian
With Lavita Shaurice Burr, Brynne Kraynak and Jim Weitzer

Following worldwide devastation, a Christian state has been established in the Homesteading District. The state bans all books except the Bible, monitors its people through flying drones, and keeps the populace passive through the administration of the drug Melaflavin. Under these dire conditions, Jane South dares to talk to her neighbor, Wylie Sypher, and their secret late-night meetings draw them ever closer as they reveal their private rebellions. For Jane and Wylie, words have an uncommon power in a bleak world. Wylie’s wife, Deborah, is an enforcement officer for the state, and her suspicions are aroused when she encounters Jane late one night.

Jim Weitzer

Lavita Shaurice Burr